workout with kettlebells

All you need to know about kettlebells

Working out with kettlebells is nothing new, it has been several years since people at gym started using this implement to perform their workouts, but lately, kettlebells have gained public and popularity.  Now you can find them in different sizes and colors.

We can make a comparison between kettlebells and dumbbells, the difference is that the first ones are a bit lighter and easy to use which make them easy to perform a great variety of primary and secondary movements targeting muscles and giving a perfect range of motion.

So what are the benefits we can obtain doing a workout with kettlebells?  Here you have a few:

Full Body Workout

This kind of exercise will provide you a great range of movements while you are swinging the kettlebells and using your body as a machine.  You need to make an effort and work all your muscles together to perform an excellent movement.  You will find yourself burning a lot of calories and challenging yourself every time you pick up your kettlebells.

Both Workouts in One

Yes! Just like it sounds.  When you workout using a kettlebell you will be doing a lot cardiovascular workouts and also you will find yourself lifting.

This will cause a higher range of calories burned during your workout and your metabolism will be working for hours after you finish.

It is a Functional Workout

The kind of movements that you perform when you do a kettlebell routine can make you improve your coordination. And it is functional because all your muscles and body will be working out in every move you make.  The movements you do are really explosive.

Another advantage is that you can basically take your equipment everywhere, and if you are planning to workout from home, you need this as part of your gym.

Kettlebells can and will help you to burn a lot of calories and burn fat.  Are also great for getting joint stability and will make your core looks fantastic, because with every move you make, your abs will be working out.  But, in order to get all this benefits, you need to learn how to do the movements properly and avoid the risk of injuries.

Make sure before starting using them, that you know how to move, when to move and set realistic goals to reach.  Find someone who can teach you and give you support while you are learning and start moving and burning calories.